FY 2022/23 Surface Seal Project

In general, the work consists of surface seals and base repairs on various streets in the City of Martinez. The work includes, but is not limited to the following: Preparing pavement surfaces to receive surface seals; removing existing thermoplastic traffic striping, legends, and markers, performing HMA base repairs; adjustment of utility covers; maintaining traffic and furnishing traffic control throughout construction; applying crack sealant; applying slurry seals and cape seals over the existing pavement surfaces of various streets; constructing PCC curb ramps; street sweeping; installing new traffic striping, legends, and pavement markers; placing blue reflective pavement markers; and all appurtenant work required to complete the project in accordance with the project’s plans and specifications.
Date Company Contact
1/20/23 2:01 pm
American Asphalt Repair 24200 Clawiter Rd
Hayward, CA 94545
Erica Ornelas
Tel: 510-723-0280
2/2/23 9:49 am
American Pavement Systems, Inc. 1012 11th Street
Suite 1000
Modesto, CA 95354
John Dumas
Project Manager
Tel: 2093392381
Fax: 2094080427
1/31/23 1:48 pm
American Pavement Systems, Inc. 1012 11th Street
Suite 1000
Modesto, CA 95354
David Pimley
Vice President, Chip Seal Division
Tel: 2095222277
Fax: 2094080427
1/24/23 8:44 am
Construct Connect Rye Jumuad
Tel: 323.602.5079
1/20/23 8:25 am
Construction Bidboard, Inc. 11622 El Camino Real # 100
San Diego, CA
000 Plan Room
Tel: 800-479-5314
1/20/23 8:25 am
Online Plan Service PO Box 1755
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Plan Room
Tel: 916-826-8840
1/23/23 7:34 am
Pavement Coatings Co. 2150 Bell Avenue
Suite 125
Sacramento, CA 95838
Rick Arias
Tel: 916-642-1751
Fax: 916-313-3438
1/20/23 8:26 am
Sacramento Regional BX 1331 T Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Plan Room
Tel: 916-442-8991